jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

Day 0 before Christ. / San Francisco.

[ From Escif (11:02) April 9th

I’ve been a few days thinking about the project, and about the way we are focusing on it. The idea of generating a third language seems like it’s not working very well, at least not in a practical evaluation. Certainly it is a path that should become stronger during the journey, but in the past experiences it’s seemed to be more an impediment than a right thing to do. Team working is very complex, we already knew it, but I think is lot harder when the functions on the team are not well established. It’s right then when the ego fight flourishes to see who’s the one who’s directing the movie (I’m thinking out loud) and its something that gets more complex when two of the directors (you and I) have such different ways of working.

[ From San (10:19) April 10th

I completely understand what you say, I think we have to be practical, although both of us like to pull on more tricky ways despite what we do on our own. Teamwork is hard and more when people like us, obsessively perfectionist, work together.

When I made the 2 drawings that I sent you, I always thought I was twisting my work a little bit to get near little by little to a new “skin”, not to invent a third language. I think that’s exactly where the focus on the expo should be, in making an effort to go out of our safe zone and dig in something a little bit more impersonal (less personal), but using our powers, of course.

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